Today, we all exist on this earth with good health and wealth thanks to the almighty. They are the ones who protect us every single day. As a gesture of respect towards them, it is important to allocate a small space in our own homes for a pooja room. If you are fortunate enough to have a separate area for a mandir in your home, it’s essential to have beautiful and modern pooja room door designs that enhance the room’s beauty. The pooja door not only separates the sacred in-house temple but also adds an exciting design element that improves the overall look of the house.

Modern Pooja Room Door Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 simple and latest pooja room door designs in different models. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Modern Pooja Room Door Design In Plywood:

Modern Pooja Room Door Designs in-plywood.jpg

This door design for a pooja room is simple and easy to make with Plywood. The great thing about Plywood is that it can be easily carved to create various designs. 

In the middle portion of the door, you’ll notice rectangular gaps. These gaps can be filled with religious drawings or bells to symbolize the sacredness of the room.

2. Teak Wood Pooja Room Door Design:


Teak wood is known to be quite expensive when it comes to door materials. However, it offers a touch of elegance and grandeur to your room. Having this door in your home temple will give it an authentic feel. The engravings of Lord Ganesha at the top, the Kalash at the bottom, and a long diya with beautiful designs surrounding the door’s edges create a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of our ancient temples.

3. Contemporary Modern pooja room door designs:


Imagine stepping into your pooja room and being greeted by a door that showcases the essence of modern design. This incredible door design seamlessly blends contemporary style with traditional Indian motifs, like the charming diyas.

 The cut-outs and engraved designs on the door panels bring these ethnic elements to life, while the exquisite detailing at the top and bottom of the diyas adds an antique touch. It’s the perfect way to enhance the beauty of even the simplest pooja rooms, creating a truly special and welcoming atmosphere.

4. Pooja Room Door Cnc Design:


Check out these amazing modern pooja room door designs! Let’s start with the netted doors, also known as jali designs. These doors not only add a touch of elegance but also offer a unique feature. You can enjoy the soft glow of the Diya inside your temple room day and night through the intricate netted pattern. Plus, if you use these doors for your pooja room, you’ll be delighted by the lingering fragrance of the incense sticks wafting through the air. It’s like creating a special, semi-private space that truly enhances your prayer experience.

5. MDF Pooja Room Door:

Doors help make your pooja room easier to conceal and maintain

This amazing Pooja Room Door Designs features a beautiful jali design at the top and bottom of the door panels, adorned with lovely brass bells placed within the rectangular grids. When you open the door, the sound of these bells will fill your home with the divine ambiance of a temple. It’s like having a miniature version of temple bells right in your own sacred space. Combined with the enchanting fragrance of agarbathis, this experience will truly transport you to a spiritual realm, making you feel completely at peace and connected to the divine energy.

6. Antique Pooja Room Design:


This incredible pooja room door design has such a regal charm that it feels like it was once used by ancient kings in their sacred temples. The beautiful golden motif of Goddess Laxmi Devi at the top is believed to bring good fortune and a steady flow of wealth into your life. The carefully designed gaps on the door not only enhance its visual appeal but also allow you to offer your prayers even from the outside, with a radiant glimpse of the divine Lord visible to all.

7. Artistic Pooja Doors:


This mesmerizing door design showcases incredible artistry and craftsmanship. It features a single panel divided into various sections adorned with traditional motifs, creating a truly eye-catching design. At the top and bottom of the panel, you’ll find exquisite Sri Chakras made of brass, while the center is adorned with brass diyas featuring traditional patterns. This door design is truly exceptional and is bound to spark curiosity among your guests who visit your home.

8. Flush Doors For Pooja Room:


This design is truly simple yet brings a wonderful touch to your sacred pooja room. Your pooja room is like a special temple within your home, and its entrance should be captivating and filled with divine energy. At the top of the door, there’s a beautiful engraving of Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. And right at the bottom, you’ll find an enchanting kalasa, which holds holy water. It’s a perfect way to infuse spirituality and grace into your pooja room

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9. Netted Pooja Room Door Frame Design:


This amazing pooja room door design features a trendy laser-cut lattice pattern that adds a touch of style to your sacred space. At the top, there’s a beautifully carved swastika design, which brings a sense of serenity and peace to the atmosphere. One of the best things about this design is that it allows natural light to filter through, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. 

Moreover, when you light a Diya inside the room, the light shines through the gaps in the door, filling your home with divine radiance. To add an extra charm, you can attach tiny brass bells to the gaps, creating a delightful sound reminiscent of temple bells every time you open or close the door. It’s a perfect blend of elegance and spirituality for your pooja room.

10. Painted Pooja Mandir Doors:


When it comes to expressing our religious beliefs, why limit them to just the confines of a room? Let’s showcase the greatness of God to the world by adorning the door of our pooja room with beautifully carved, engraved, or painted images of deities. The door is crafted using high-quality wood and features a traditional golden handle. Both panels of the door proudly display the images of goddesses, while the overall design encompasses the essence of tradition. This makes our pooja room door truly special and one-of-a-kind in our home.

11. Modern Pooja Room designs With Glass Doors:


Are you struggling with limited space in your home, but still wish to enhance the beauty of your pooja room with a trendy door? These modern door designs are perfect for compact pooja rooms in small apartments and houses. By incorporating glass elements, they bring a touch of grace and sophistication, creating a sense of connection that allows you to visually connect with the deity inside the pooja room round the clock.

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12. Fusion Pooja Mandir Design:


Many individuals desire a touch of tradition in their home temple, while also seeking to incorporate a touch of sophistication into the door design. This particular door is crafted from beautiful teak wood and adorned with intricate traditional carvings. However, it also features a unique element—a glass panel that brings a sense of transparency and contemporary charm. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics allows you to have a clear view of the sacred space and the divine deity both day and night.

13. Pooja Glass Door With Wooden Frame:


The glass door design is quite popular when it comes to interior door designs. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space, while also offering strength and durability with its sturdy wooden framework. To enhance the divine atmosphere of your pooja room, you can consider painting or carving traditional motifs like kalasas, diyas, or even depictions of Gods and Goddesses on the glass door. This will beautifully complement the overall look and feel of your sacred space.

14.Modern Pooja Room designs With Sliding Transparent Door:


If you have a small space for your pooja room and can’t have doors that swing open, you can consider using sliding doors. They not only save space but also add a touch of elegance to your room. You can make them even more beautiful by painting a picture of your favorite deity on the transparent glass. It will truly make the pooja room look magnificent and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

15. Single Door With Sacred Bells:


Bells hold a sacred significance, and incorporating them into the design of pooja room doors adds a special touch. Imagine a door with a strong wooden structure adorned with beautiful brass bells hanging in carefully crafted cut-outs. These bells not only resemble the ones found in temples but also produce a soothing sound that fills the room with divine energy whenever the door is opened or closed.

16. Metal Work Pooja Door Design:


Nowadays, doors are not just practical barriers for entering or exiting a room. Their designs hold significant value, especially for those who desire an exquisite and traditional appearance for their pooja room entrance. This particular wooden door design captivates with its stunning centerpiece made of metal, adorned with intricate carvings reminiscent of ancient artistry. Its overall aesthetic exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance.

17. Stylish Glass Doors For Pooja Room:


Let’s talk about modern pooja room door designs. How about a stunning glass double door? This design is super sleek and doesn’t have a specific wooden or metal framework. It’s all about that seamless look! The door is made of transparent glass with beautiful translucent designs. It’s a fantastic choice because it allows you to admire the deity without any visual blockage throughout the day. So elegant and divine!

Tips For Choosing Pooja Room Doors:

When it comes to pooja room doors, it’s important to consider the available space in your house. Since pooja rooms are usually small, it’s best to opt for smaller doors that allow for easy movement in and out.

If you have a particularly limited space, sliding doors are a great choice. They can save room and still provide convenient access to the pooja room.

Creating a sacred atmosphere in the pooja room is crucial, similar to the vibes we experience when visiting a temple. To achieve this, it’s recommended to have ethnic designs on the doors, such as kalasa, diyas, a swastika, or paintings of Gods and Goddesses.

Given that we perform various rituals and light diyas or scent sticks in the pooja room, there is a risk of fire. To ensure safety, it’s wise to select non-flammable materials for the door design.

Budget is another important factor to consider. Intricate carvings or engravings will generally cost more than simpler designs. The overall cost also depends on the material you choose for the door.

So, when selecting a modern pooja room door design, keep in mind the available space, the desired sacred ambiance, safety concerns, and your budget.

Whether you live in a spacious house or a cozy apartment, having a dedicated room for prayer and meditation is a thoughtful idea. Don’t worry about your budget or the available space, as there are various modern designs for pooja room doors that can cater to your requirements. Nowadays, people are giving great importance to selecting the perfect pooja doors that are not only religiously significant but also trendy. So, I hope you find the ideal door from the list above for your dream home.